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Wellings Parkhotel
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In August 2008, the opportunity arose to expand the facilities by purchasing a third property.

After four and a half months of total renovation, Wellings Parkhotel in Kamp-Lintfort opened in January 2009 with 60 hotel rooms and 9 function rooms with different designs, just 4 km away from Repelen.

This hotel combines classic elegance with modern comfort. The exclusive atmosphere is designed to create an extraordinary feeling of well-being. Other than the Linde, this venue impresses with its spaciousness and the charming flair of the park with a lake and the seminar garden.

However, there is no stagnation in this building either. Change and expansion is ongoing. Already in 2011, the beautiful suites were created in the "Haus der Alleen" and in 2012, the restaurant Sommergarten and the wonderful lakeside terrace were built and redesigned. As a complement to the culinary experience, the Wellings transformed the hotel bar into a cosy pub.

In October 2016, a big new project began, the construction of 80 hotel rooms with spa and swimming pool and the expansion of the conference and event area. The result was the "Haus der Ideen" (House of Ideas), which opened in September 2017.

At the beginning of 2017, the next generation - Eva Welling and Falko Welling - took over the business.

The venue is developing more and more into a local recreation area on the Lower Rhine.

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Welllings Parkhotel